Silkolem is a finely balanced blend of surfactants designed to give excellent cleaning and foaming action.

Silkolem the washing up liquid for all Family Needs:- hands, clothes, cars, dishes and grounds .

  • High foaming " kind to hands "
  • Fresh lemon fragrance " Economical
  • Concentrate and dilution rat is 1: 8 by cold or hot water

Bleach for a cleaner, Fresher laundry and Household.

Drains, waste pipes dust bins. Add a cup of SILKOLOR Bleach direct for killing all kinds of Bacteria.

For all washable surface add half of cup of Silkolor Bleach per 15lit of water .

Bathroom and lavatories disinfection. Prepare a solution of one glass Silkolor Bleach to 4 liter of warm water .

Washing by hand and soaking. Soak in bowl with 1/2 cup of Silkolor Bleach with powder detergent for 10 minutes .

Automatic washing machines and ordinary washing machines

  1. For ordinary:

    Add 1/2cup of Silkolor bleach on powder detergent with white clothes and fixed colors clothes

  2. For automatic:

    Add about half a glass of Silkolor bleach to the powder continer after select your usual program

SILKOBLEND is an effective cleaner, ideal to remove Grases, oils and carbonized deposits from ovens and exhaust fans.

The quick and easy way to remove grease stains form metals, glass and painted surfaces.

SILKOFLOW Is high quality profit making powder and be used with confidence to open even the most stubborn blocked daring skins and baths.

INSTRUCTIONS: ( when drain is completely or partly blocked )

  1. Empty out first except about a cup of water.
  2. Open the cap and pour gradually half of the bottle.
  3. Add slowly a cup of hot water and wait not least than 15minutes then flush waste pipe with cold water.

SILKOFOM shampoo with special formula for easy removal of stains and dirt's from :

  • carpets
  • tedd
  • sofas
  • Cars'lines
  • Bears
  • Curtains

easy and without effecting the tissues .

Direction for use:

  1. Add few drops of the shampoo on stains places
  2. use normal brush rinse with cold water or use wet piece of cloth

silkofom can be used with all kinds of carpet machines.

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