Liquid emulsifier contains strong effective solvents specially designed for heavy duty removal

Grease , Oils, Vegetables,Chocolate Milk , Macaw , Juice , Protean , Ointment cream , coffee , cachap , Mayonnaise , Tea , Tobacco , Mud , Ice cream , Vaseline.

Saturate with silkosolplus, manipulate well and then clean.


White cloths and clothes with fixed colors Clean stainless steel.

If swallowed give milk or water to drink Affected eyes irrigate thoroughly with water Skin contact wash thoroughly with large amounts of water.

Wet the stain with cold water then add a drop of silkotrustout on each rust stain.


Silkoinkout has a suprior ink removal properties with colours colthes and white.

Put the ink stained colthes in small amount of silkoinkout and wait about 5 minuts manipulat then rinse with cold water.

repeat the process until the stain are totally removed.


Paint removal from clothes, metal, lands, ceramic and wood liquid emulsifier with special formula for easy remove

Paint , Doko , Glue , Natural glue Car paint , Tar , Wall paint Oxidized oil , Stubborn rubber corrector , Wax , Silicon.

Saturate the place of stain with silkopaintout,manipulte well let it 15 minuts and then rinses the stain wash by cold water.


Constraint liquid contains blood removal prosperities specially designed for heavy duty removal of: Blood Bleach whit cloths and clothes with fixed colors.

For the sensitive clothes check the removal with fold of clothes.

Wet the stain with silkobloodout on each blood and pale stain let it 15 minuts then wash it with cold water.

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